I spent a fantastic weekend in Detroit attending the Third Man Records Grand Opening for their new record pressing plant (more on that amazing experience in a future post), only to return to a fantastic review of my book over at The Kenyon Review:

Like a cinematographer building a film entirely on the muzzy images of extreme close-up shots, Stucky has vanished scenes and subjects to build a suspense of mood. He pulls from Eastern religious texts, mysticism, and the occult, and casts dirty, hallucinatory images onto graceful lines about love, resulting in a collection that is empathetic, nuanced, and wild.

It's wonderful to see reviews still coming out on my book, but even more so when I read one that took its time digging into not just the gestures in the lines but the influences behind them. Though I don't know her personally, I feel lucky to have had a critic as caring as Jenn Mar pickup my collection and write about it.