The Truth Is We Are Perfect

This year, after a decade of publishing other people’s books I finally had my own full-length debut come out and was fortunate enough to dedicate many of my days and nights to traveling and performing the work–across almost 30 cities, and a few countries. It has truly been a lifelong dream come true, and tonight I’m filled with love and gratitude to everyone who joined me on that journey. Whether you came to one of my shows, invited me to perform, helped produce an event, toured with me, performed with me, promoted a show, played music at one of the shows, bought my book, read my book, reviewed my book, gave me a bed to sleep in / a couch to sleep on / or a meal to eat, or just patiently supported me as I dropped a lot of other things to focus on my book for an entire year, you became part of the realization of that lifelong dream. Thank You.