There is a new review of The World Will Deny It For You up at The Fiddleback, written by Gina Meyers. Here are some fragments:

“Most of the poems come across as if spoken truth, occasionally even taking on a mythological tone of ancient wisdom … The poems also embrace mystery, hinting that there is something greater and unknowable out there … Many of the poems contain sexual imagery–tongues, fucking, one person swallowing another or containing another. Even so, there also seems to be an intense loneliness occurring throughout.”

I just realized I also forgot to post the interview that J.A. Tyler did with me for Monkeybicycle, in which I discuss my new book. An excerpt from one of my answers:

“Most of these poems are a direct address to “you,” so I might say that these poems are chasing the Other. For the most part that’s true, but more than chasing the Other they’re about learning to love the Other despite constant imminent loss. The truth is, we will lose everyone we love—there are no exceptions. There is a kind of perfection to that absolute loss that is very painful to grasp, but once it’s embraced it’s entirely liberating. That’s what this book is documenting; the pursuit of that perfect state of acceptance.”

I’m really excited for another interview I just completed with Matt Rasmussen, for the most excellent Twin Cities magazine, Paper Darts. It will be published in the next issue, but if you’re not already aware of the magazine I encourage you to go check it out: great design, intelligent perspectives, and fun content. You can buy it in print and in PDF. Visit them online at